We, the dental team of Dr. Andrea Pabst, are at fixed values ​​in dentistry, like a company that fosters a corporate culture. In the center of our work, the patient is a human being.

We take the time we need to treat patients regardless of restrictions (e.g. cost carriers), aligned with their wishes and needs and oriented to provide only medical point of first-class dentistry, taking into account its financial possibilities. Priority in practice is the optimal medical care and after that, the price will be handled. And not vice versa!
We take the time to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible.
We consider our patients as partners to criticize. We want to be a life-long companion in all aspects of prevention and therapy.
We run live long intensive scientific training and always check carefully, the opportunities and possibilities of scientific progress and offers there are for our patients.
We not only treat each individual tooth, but refer to the whole masticatory system and its surrounding structures and also the entire human in our diagnosis and treatment planning.
For existing diseases, we clarify our patients about the reasons for their emergence, therapy, therapeutic alternatives, prognosis and follow-up.
We operate sophisticated dentistry that meets both aesthetic and functional highest standards, the precise clinical examination and follow-up.
We strive for the restoration of the masticatory functional harmony, chewing comfort, aesthetics and biocompatibility.
We work with the tooth structure with care.
We clarify our patients about how an accomplished condition can be obtained.
Building on the comprehensive diagnosis, we provide the binding sequences for the treatment cost plans aside.
We require proper fees which enable us to carry out our practice for our patients according to the criteria listed.
"The memory of bad quality lasts longer than the joy of a low price."

 John Ruskin (1819-1900, British artist and social reformer)

 Your team of Dr. Andrea Pabst


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